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Audition Better, Belt Higher, Ditching Tension and Releasing Your Voice
Learn Cool New Repertoire, Clean Up Your Runs, Vocal Health and Stamina
Gain Control, Increase Confidence, BOOK THE JOB!!!

You’re in the right place for Voice Lessons!
Whether you are a seasoned performer or just getting started,
We want to help you achieve your vocal and performing goals in MTC Voice Lessons!

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Private Voice Lessons

Learn Healthy Vocal Technique, Acting While Singing, Learn Awesome New Repertoire, Prepare For That Audition, Gain Confidence, Increase Range and Gain Control!

Private vocal coaching is the fastest way to achieve your vocal goals.

$100 / Hour

Private Voice Lessons

Get everything that you would from the In-Person lessons, only without the driving time! We provide accompaniment tracks that you play while you sing and get the same valuable feedback in a more affordable way!

$70 / 45 Minutes

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Private Vocal Coaching

For the busiest performers, now you can upload a video of you performing a song and get extensive feedback. Once you have made the adjustments, upload a new video and do it again. You can also submit one of your live performances for feedback as well.

$40 / Submission

About The Teacher David Jayden Anthony

Lessons at musical theatre class have a strong emphasis on acting while singing. Most people study voice and acting separately and then the student is left to figure out how to put them together. For 20 years, David Jayden Anthony has taught private voice lessons setting the merger of singing and acting as the highest priority. David is also a pianist so your lessons will not be to track! You will learn how to discuss your music with an accompanist and learn a little music theory along the way. David is a musical theatre director and music director, so he is also a specialist in helping you navigate all of the decisions in musical theatre auditions!

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What You Will Learn In Your Voice Lessons…


  • Smooth break between chest and head voice
  • Effortless belt
  • Develop your “mix”
  • Extend your range
  • Vocal Health
  • WarmUp Mastery

Audition Prep

  • Find the perfect cuts (16 bar and 32 bar)
  • Cold read practice
  • Understand and connect with the accompanist
  • Clean practice tracks
  • Appearance advice
  • Exciting repertoire building!


  • Understand the lyric
  • Song strategy
  • Phrasing
  • Fusing the singing and Acting
  • Body comfortability
  • Comedy coaching
  • Character development


  • Gain confidence
  • Ditch incorrect views
  • Take the stress out and bring back the fun!
  • Become centered and focused
  • Control the “feeling flood”


  • Headshot and resume help
  • Branding advice
  • Know your type and build on it
  • Booked role coaching
  • Personal project coaching

MTC Voice Lessons FAQ

How Are MTC Lessons Different?

Lessons with Musical Theatre Class and David Jayden Anthony are not a set curriculum. We start by understanding your goals and creating a path for you to get there! There is no one-size-fits-all in artistic study.


What Else Can You Help With?

Funny You Should Ask

We can film you for video auditions
We can coach monologues
Create accompaniment tracks for rehearsal and performance
We can coach you in movement
Build your repertoire book

Working With A Pianist

Our lessons have real accompaniment. You will know what to say to the accompanist in your next audition. Even more importantly, you will learn how to guide the music to make your best moment!

Voice Lesson Questions

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