Song Learning Kits


Everything you need to prepare new songs for performance and audition! How to break down the lyric, breaking down the music and building an acting plan to create a meaningful and layered performance.

Accompaniment Track – Melody Track – 16 and 32 Bar Cuts and How to Mark Them.

Video Voice Lessons to show you how to get the most out of your performance.

Adding repertoire to your audition book is no easy task! What if all the hard parts were taken care of for you and you could go straight to the fun! We want to give you all the answers in one easy to follow Song Learning Kit.

Step 1 – You must purchase the sheet music for the song following our link. (Why is this so important?)

Step 2 – Order Your Song Learning Kit For The Song You Want

Step 3 – Go through our easy to follow steps to prepare the song like the star you are!

Here’s what you’ll receive…

A video lesson about how to approach this song both musically and in terms of acting. You will also learn the pitfalls of the song and where most people could make a smarter choice! Vocal technique lessons for the tough spots as well.

In addition, you will get…

  • Suggestions on 16 and 32 bar cuts (and how to properly mark them)
  • An expressive accompaniment track (not rigid or computerized)
  • A melody only track (with metronome to feel meter and emotional changes)
  • A lyric breakdown

And the best strategies on how to pull it all together!

Lying There

From Edges by Pasek and Paul
This is one of the best ballads of our time!

Remember Me

From Little Fish by Michael John LaChiusa
This song has the perfect build and character realization!

Coming Soon! (These are our favorite audition songs!)

Lying There
Pasek and Paul

Song Learning Kit F.A.Q.

Purchasing Sheet Music

Q: Why don’t I get the sheet music in this kit?

A: We are not music publishers, we are professional theatrical educators here to show you how to kill it. We also want to make sure that the writers get the money they deserve through the proper channels. You will see pieces of the sheet music where cuts are marked or phrasing and acting notes, but we have purposely made it impossible to get the sheet music in this kit.

How Do You Choose The Songs?

We want to include songs that are slightly off the main stream. You won’t see a song from Wicked appearing here. We are sticking to songs that work for auditions, that aren’t too overused and that have a broad appeal. We also want songs that give good actors something tangible to play. (You won’t see Astonishing either!)

We would love to hear your suggestions, fill out the form on this page to let us know which tune you would like to see here.

What Songs Do You Want To Add To Your Audition Book?

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