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New Musical Theatre

New Musical Theatre

By far our favorite place to get new sheet music! The search panel on the left side can help you narrow your search better than any other site. Get the latest tunes from the coolest writers of contemporary new musical theatre. Save money by buying the collection books from writers you like!

Music Notes

This is the most popular site to buy sheet music. Do yourself a favor and if you buy sheet music here, but multiple pieces at one time because the more you buy, the more you say. ALSO, check out their apps for displaying your sheet music on your ipad or computer. You can change the key of your music on the fly with their app. (Trick: If you purchased the wrong key, you can change it in this app and then screen shot each page, but you didn’t hear that from us!)

Sheet Music Plus

On this site you can view a few pages of a song which can be very helpful, especially when buying a book or anthology. If you’re an arranger, this site allows you to sell your own arrangements on SMPPress.

Sheet Music Direct

For $10 a month, this site gives you unlimited access to music. This is really great when trying to find new audition songs!

Choosing The Right Key

This can be complicated, but it doesn’t have to be! Find the highest note in the original key and figure out how much lower or higher you need it to be in half steps. Then change the key so that the top note fits comfortably in your range.

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