Audition Workshops

(Online Audition Course Coming Soon!)

Have you ever wondered why you aren’t “booking the job”?
Do you freeze up when you get in front of the casting director?

Booked It Coaching Is Here To Help!

Knowing your type, picking the perfect material, cutting, prepping rehearsing songs,
find and prepare monologues, what to wear, Headshots, Resumes!!!!!!!!

Fast Forward To Your College Auditions

This is the first time auditions are going to have a MAJOR impact on your life!

Let Our College Coaches Hold Your Hand (AND YOUR PARENTS)
As you, research and find the right programs, prepare and practice your audition with new material selected by coaches, get help with all paperwork and work your way through the financial aid process!



Mastery Workshop

8 Three-Hour Sessions Covering…

  • Song and Monologue Selections and Coaching
  • FREE Headshot
  • Audition Book Preparation
  • FREE Private Coaching Session Via Skype
  • Booked It Coaching Notebook with Course Materials
  • Mock Audition with Industry Professional Panel
  • One FREE Make Up Coaching Session Provided with Coach of your Choice

College Audition
Mastery Workshop

8 Four-Hour Sessions Covering…

  • Everything in the Audition Master Package PLUS…
  • ADDITIONAL Skype hour dedicated to college
  • Research Help In Choosing and Booking It!
  • Financial Aide and Scholarship Help
  • Essay Assistance
  • Resume Perfection!
  • Connecting With Alumni From Your Schools
  • Audition Videos and Practice Tracks
  • Dance Choreography Available

College Counseling

  • Common App
  • Personal Statement
  • Program Research
  • Financial Aide
  • Scholarship (School and Outside)
  • Planning and Timelines

An overview of all of these things is included in the College Audition Mastery Workshop. However, you can get even more help by signing up for additional College Counseling Private Coaching. In-Person or Skype sessions available to get ALL of your questions answered! Get the extra time you need to make sure you have left no stone unturned!!! Get a personal coach to hold your hand through every step of the process! Click Here for Private College Coaching.

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