Performer Toolbox

Here are some of the ways Musical Theatre Class can help you!

Voice Lessons

Achieve your vocal goals!

  • In-Person Private Coaching
  • SkypeSing Vocal Coaching
  • Youtube Review Coaching

Artist Websites

Video, Photos and Resume online. Give casting agents more to see of you! Create companies and Arts programs as well…

Audition Workshops

Master the art of the theatre audition. Book that role and get into college by understanding how to knock it out of the park!

Accompaniment Tracks

Perfect for practice, performances and auditions. Fully orchestrated tracks are also available!

Affordable Headshots

Since headshots always need to be updated, it can get very expensive! Try our affordable headshot options.

Sheet Music

From contemporary musical theatre to the classics, here are all the places to get the awesome sheet music you need!

What Else Do You Need Help With?

We are constantly trying to increase the amount of services we can offer our students. If you have an idea of something we could do to help, please send us an email or fill out the form below!

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