Congestion is a singer’s nightmare! Not being able to place the sound in the perfect resonant space not only takes the fun out of singing, it takes the magic out of your sound. If you are living in a major city, you are probably inhaling less than perfect air. Fortunately there is an awesome solution! Rinsing your sinuses has been done in asian countries for thousands of years. The best part is that it isn’t medication at all. It’s salt water! The included saline package mixed with the appropriate amount of water create the same pH balance that already exists in the body.

When a student says, “my nose never runs!” I say, that’s not normal. That means you are chronically¬† congested. I bought a nielmed sinus rinse kit for him and had him use it before his next lesson. After doing it, he was able to singe several half steps higher and effortlessly. He was ecstatic! In addition, the full resonance was released.

Getting Sick

Working in education and being around sick students can have teachers exposed to everything. Since most colds and flues are introduced through the nose, regular rinsing of the sinuses can protect you from getting sick! As a performer, staying healthy is EVERYTHING!

The best part, using the sinus rinse on a regular basis can rehabilitate the sinuses. Once you get things moving they start to work better on their own!

If you haven’t done it, get one today.

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