Let’s face it. Private voice lessons are EXPENSIVE. Let’s go through a few things to help you get the most out of those lessons!

1.) Record the Lesson!

There’s far too much information coming at you to remember everything. So RECORD THE LESSON! Every time. Play it at least two times during the week before your next lesson. This will help you have better practice sessions as you remember┬ásome of the small concepts that were brought up in your lesson.

2.) Make 2 copies of your music.

Somewhere along the way, students started keeping one clean copy of the music in their book. Make another copy of each song to write on! Write every little acting technique and musical nuance that was covered during your lesson. Write down your phrasing, breaths, subtext information and practice it that way.

3.) Show up with an agenda.

Start your lesson by telling your teacher what problems you had during the week. What things you couldn’t do. New goals you came up with. Problem spots in songs and new ideas!

4.) Get accompaniment tracks of all songs.

If your teacher plays the piano don’t forget to get a good practice track of each song and audition cut. Students spend way too much time practicing a cappella because they didn’t make a track. And for that matter, make an iTunes playlist of the accompaniment tracks for the songs you are working on. Don’t waste practice time trying to find that youtube video with that one piano track. Download them and put them in a playlist right now!

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