Most people find their voice teacher from a friend’s recommendation. That’s great, if they experienced a few different teachers and have an informed decision. Usually, they went to the first person they were referred to and stuck with it! The bond between voice teacher and student is strong, EVERYONE loves their voice teacher, but that doesn’t mean you have chosen the best one for you!

Here are some awesome questions to ask a prospective voice teacher…

1.) Do you have a standard approach for every student, or do you tailor every goal and lesson to the things that I want to accomplish?

2.) How much of your lesson is dedicated to warmups and scales.

These are absolutely crucial for vocal problems or attacking a special scenario, but so many voice teachers spend half of the lesson warming up or passing time with scales when there is so much important work to do! (This is not the same as teaching a scale technique to increase range, eliminate tension or bridging the gap between registers). However, spending half of your time on them is unacceptable!

3.) Tell them your goals and see how receptive they are. If you are trying to be in contemporary musical theatre and they are primarily focused on classical technique, you might not end up being prepared for a career in THIS century. Some classical technique is extremely helpful, some is harmful and has be undone for contemporary musical theatre.

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