Private Vocal Coaching


Increase your Technique, Performance, Career, Audition Prep and Mentality. Build a plan to achieve YOUR vocal goals. Work with a real pianist. get accompaniment tracks. Learn new repertoire.


Private Vocal Coaching is the fastest way to achieving your goals.

  • Smooth break between chest and head voice
  • Effortless belt
  • Develop your “mix”
  • Extend your range
  • Vocal Health
  • WarmUp Mastery
  • Understand the lyric
  • Song strategy
  • Phrasing
  • Fusing the singing and Acting
  • Body comfortability
  • Comedy coaching
  • Character development
  • Headshot and resume help
  • Branding advice
  • Know your type and build on it
  • Booked role coaching
  • Personal project coaching
Audition Prep
  • Find the perfect cuts (16 bar and 32 bar)
  • Cold read practice
  • Understand and connect with the accompanist
  • Clean practice tracks
  • Appearance advice
  • Exciting repertoire building!
  • Gain confidence
  • Ditch incorrect views
  • Take the stress out and bring back the fun!
  • Become centered and focused
  • Control the “feeling flood”


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